of, producing, or having a pleasant tune; tuneful.

Melodious is a Minnesota native, based out of Minneapolis/St. Paul. He would describe his songs as "Sadboi Bummer Jams", but others have described them as "Melancholy lyrics over beautifully dissonant instrumentation". His main instruments are guitar and piano, but he also finds inspiration while playing various ukuleles, the mandolin, and the bass. Listen to his latest release, "The Overnight EP" below, and feel free to contact for booking inquiries.


"Lonely Like Me"

Melodious has no upcoming performances currently scheduled, because he is devoting his time to his biggest project to date, entitled Lonely Like Me.
Lonely Like Me is a movie musical, currently in the midst of production.
Melodious wrote the screenplay, music, and lyrics. He is also the director and sole producer, as well as one of the 8 actors in the cast.

While most of his time is being consumed by this gargantuan beast of a project, he hopes to find time to play live shows very soon.